"Herb the gift from the earth. And what's from the earth is of the greatest worth ."Ben Harper"


13 years ago, and many attempts at getting sober, finally stuck! Thanks to marijuana strains with high CBD, I started to see the tremors and nausea decrease. In 2007,the resources available to help addiction to opioids using cannabis wasn't available. Today the uses of Cannabis to treat addiction, pain, and other conditions are becoming more accessible and mainstream. I have over 20 years working with agents all over the world importing products made according to the highest quality and compliance standards. I brought in 510 Thread batteries because the ones I was buying locally kept breaking. It turns out my friends were experiencing the same problems. I decided to bring them in and offer quality for half the price. They sold quickly without any defects. New products will be arriving every week for the Medical and recreational Marijuana Industry. If there is a product you would like to see please let us know.

Conventional therapy not working? Side effects too extreme? Can cannabis help you?

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Hybrid Pharm, to supply the best accessories to meet the patients needs. Who's Hybrid Pharm? Canada's first hybrid pharmacy where you can treat your medical conditions with either conventional medicines such as , pain killers, SSRI's etc, or Medical marijuana strains made for specific ailments such as headaches, anxiety etc. Or both.

We strongly encourage you to check out hybridpharm.com in January 2021 for their Launch, to meet with a Healthcare Professional.


The Westboro location in Ottawa can serve all of your medical marijuana needs or via their tele-medicine platform. They will walk you through the registration process, teach you how to order and recommend specific strains that are best suited for your medical condition(s). Safety is the number one concern. They monitor your progress and safety through drug interaction checks and regular follow-up appointments. The full service pharmacy ensures your health is covered.

Taking an alternate approach to your pain management can greatly reduce your side effects, reduce the frequency of dosing and improve your overall wellbeing. CLICK HERE to Schedule a consultation with a pharmacists to discuss reducing your medication and potentially coming off your current regimens